Over the past year and a half, we’ve been amazed by the supp…

Over the past year and a half, we’ve been amazed by the support we’ve seen first hand, as well as for other local businesses, and we thought it might interest you to know just how local we keep it in terms of sourcing our everyday products…

All our meat comes from Barkers Yorkshire Butchers (based in Skipton). Their pigs come directly from the Ashford Brothers at Southfield Farm in Bedale. This provides the pork, hams, pork pies, belly pork, sausage rolls, sausage and bacon that you all love so much!
As for the beef used in our pies and Lancashire stew – this also comes from Barker’s who source it locally from Skipton Auction Market!

All poultry (cooked chickens and turkey) comes from Nidderdale Poultry, based at Pateley Bridge, and this comes to us as fresh as it can be!

We use local suppliers for eggs and dairy – all eggs are supplied by Andrew Wormald (Laneshaw Bridge), and all our milk and cream comes from everyone’s favourite milkman, Ian Greenwood Dairyman!

Finally, the cheese we use in our products (such as that famously cheesy quiche..) is all delivered by Procters Cheeses Ltd, who are based at Forest of Bowland.

We think it’s only fair that we shop local, and support British farming in the same way all our customers do, and that’s why we’re proud to say (where possible) all our goods are sourced within a 40 mile radius!