News from the Purcell's kitchen

Nov 9 2020
A very Happy Monday to you all! As the fundraising efforts for our friend, Chris Riley continue, we are launching our second raffle🥳 …and it’s bigger and better than before!!! A HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated prizes to this raffle 🥰 the goods up for grabs this time are: 🎄 Purcell’s… More
Nov 8 2020
Our order book is open for next FRIDAY and SATURDAY! Afternoon tea boxes Cheese and meat graze boxes Sweet treat boxes Brownie boxes Giant cookies Send us a message to order yours 💜
Nov 7 2020
Well… It’s looking like more of us will be doing Christmas dinner at home this year, so we’re here with a quick fix to make it easier for you… we’ll cook your turkey! 🦃 (don’t worry, by “we”, I mean Dan…🤷🏻‍♀️). The turkey butterfly pictured would easily feed a family of 4-6, and would set……
Nov 5 2020
Happy Bonfire Night!! 🔥 🎇 🧨 💥 Just a reminder that we are still OPEN! And we’re stocked up with pies for you 🥧 You might not be able to go to a proper bonfire, but there’s nothing to stop you celebrating at home with a pie or two ☺️🥧
The Treehouse will be open same as usual during the lock down . Our thoughts go out to all the shops/ businesses that have to close 😢 xx
Nov 4 2020
Is it too… CHEESY… to ask for a… ROUND… of applause for our latest counter addition?! We’ve got a lovely variety of little cheese rounds on offer for £4.00 each 🧀 they’re a “grate” addition to Christmas hampers or a wintery cheeseboard 🍇🍷 🧀👏🏼
Nov 3 2020
🎄Christmas hamper lists now available 🎄 As mentioned before, these can be customised to meet preferences if required 🙂
Nov 2 2020
🎄 It’s beginning to look (and smell 🤤) a lot like Christmas! 🎄 The trees are up in the square, we’ve had our delivery of Christmas condiments, and mince pies have been freshly baked off this morning! It might seem very doom and gloom at the moment, but we’re determined to keep spirits lifted! Mince……
Nov 1 2020
❗️WE’RE STAYING OPEN❗️ Given the announcement of another lockdown last night, we want to reassure our amazing customers that we will be staying open. We would like to kindly request that customers adhere to social distancing measures. We will continue to only allow two customers in the shop at any… More
Oct 30 2020
Trick or Treat?! 🎃 👻 As always, it’s just treats from us 😬 We tested the waters last week with Dan’s latest treat – apple turnovers! 🍎 we’ve had some great feedback, so they’re back on offer tomorrow! Make sure you don’t miss out 🍏 Don’t forget, apples are one of your 5 a day…
Oct 27 2020
Somehow it’s nearly the end of October… where has this year gone?! We now have some Christmas order forms available in the shop for those of you keen to get organised 🍖 🦃 (And don’t miss our first batch of mince pies which will be baked off, and on offer from Monday 🤤) 🎄🎁🎅🏽
Oct 27 2020
🌟 RESTOCKED 🌟 We’ve stocked back up on the salt and pepper seasoning after it sold out so quickly last time! It’s the perfect condiment to give your meals a fiery kick 🌶 £2.99 per tub – don’t miss out this time!
Oct 24 2020
Good luck to our very own Dan today as he tackles a 24 hour gaming marathon. Let’s hope the others don’t kill him after having to spend so long with him🤦🏻‍♀️ Massive thanks to Stanforths – Celebrated Pork Pie Establishment for the “Play for Riley” pie – this will definitely keep them well-fuelled 😂🥧
Oct 18 2020
Think my Christmas experiments might need a bit of work 😂🙈👩🏻‍🍳
Oct 17 2020
Sadly the day we’ve been dreading is finally upon us… today will be the last day of strawberry tarts for a while! 🍓 Unfortunately strawberry season has ended, meaning we are having to call it a day for now – but don’t worry, Dan has another seasonal treat lined up for you all! 🥰👀
Oct 15 2020
Thank you to everyone who has kept asking how our dear friend is getting on 🥰 As it stands, there is a treatment available, but it’s not cheap (not cheap AT ALL), so the fundraising efforts continue! Dan will therefore be completing a 24hr gaming marathon, along with two of his friends, on Saturday… More
First of all let us start by saying how grateful we are for all the donations, sponsorships, fund raising events and the overwhelming support you have offered Chris and ourselves in our time of need; we cannot thank you enough. We have been humbled by your sheer generosity. We now have some news on possible…
Reviews like this make our day 🥰 thank you for such kind words, Paul! It’s always a pleasure to serve you 🥰
Oct 6 2020
No tricks here, just more treats for you in the run up to Halloween 🎃 🍪 🧁 We’ve currently got chocolate chip cookies and muffins for sale at 90p each – the little pick me up you know you deserve… 🍪🤤
Oct 5 2020
The way that Monday morning sun shines in 👌🏼☀️😍🥧🍗
Oct 4 2020
We are very happy to announce Purcell’s have sponsored a board at Rolls FC. Make sure you pop in for all your fine cooked meat and a great range of pastries and sweet treats. Thank you from everyone at Rolls FC for all your support. #UTR
Sep 29 2020
3 years since Dan landed on the big screen 📺 😂 in case you were wondering about his pie-making credentials, he’s been making them “ever since ‘e worra kid” 😂🥧
Sep 28 2020
This cold weather has got us craving pies today! 🥧 We’re open with our usual selection of savoury pies, as well as sweet treats to compliment a much-needed hot brew ☕️ • • #purcells #purcellsofbarnoldswick #autumn #winterwarmers #pies #pieshop #cookedmeats #sweettreats #fruitpies #pastries #treats… More
Sep 23 2020
Calling all cheese fiends 🧀 📣 We’re trialling some goats cheese alongside our usual selection for some extra variation 🐐 Mild, creamy and local – what more could you want?!
Sep 16 2020
⭐️ NEW STOCK ⭐️ We are now stocking KMC Salt and Pepper seasoning… if you haven’t tried it before, you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s perfect for giving your meals an extra kick 🔥 Available now for £2.99 per tub ☺️
Sep 4 2020
🤞🏼 The results are in! 🤞🏼 A massive congratulations to the winner of our hamper…. ⭐️ DAWNIE ARBUTHNOTT!! ⭐️ Aaaaand… The winners of our £10 vouchers are… ⭐️ Caroline Love ⭐️ Olivia Bowes… More
Aug 29 2020
✨ Just a reminder that we’re closed Monday for bank holiday, but open again as normal on Tuesday ☺️ To confuse matters… we’re closing at 12pm next Saturday (5th September) for a week’s holiday! If you need extra supplies over this next week, just let us know! 🙂 And we just want to say a…
Aug 28 2020
We gave John and Mellissa the important task of taste-testing Dan’s latest experiment… I think it’s safe to say it passed 😂🤤 Watch this space for new products in the near future 👀
Aug 25 2020
We wanted to say a huge thank you to all you amazing people that wiped us out of raffle numbers way before we expected 😅 The many fundraising events taking place have opened up more options in terms of treatment for Chris ❤️ Please can you get any outstanding payments to us before the end…
Aug 22 2020
Wow! Thank you all for such an overwhelming response! That’ll teach us not to launch something like this on a Saturday morning 😂😂 We’re working through requests, but we’re down to very few numbers. If anyone has missed out, but wishes to donate, there is an active Go Fund Me page here: … More
Aug 22 2020
As you may have seen, one of our nearest and dearest friends has sadly been diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer at the age of just 28. All his friends and family are currently rallying around to raise as much money as possible to fund the best possible treatment for him. We have therefore… More
Aug 19 2020
This is one of our very close friends. We would really appreciate if anyone could take the time to read, donate, or even just share this link ❤️ Thank you x Help Chris fight cancer organized by Alexander Riley Many people will know Chris locally as “Riley” from Hardrock Barbers, or through cycling. Foll……
Aug 17 2020
Have you tried our ham and beef roll yet? It’s a mixture of minced gammon and beef, with sage and onion, and it makes a great sandwich filling, or alternative to stuffing 🤤 🥪 🍖🍛 This is being sold by the slice at £6.00 per lb – just ask for more information! 🙂
Aug 9 2020
‼️ HEADS UP ‼️ We wanted to give all our lovely customers plenty of notice that we have made the decision to close the shop for a week at the start of September. These past few months have been a whirlwind (in a good way!), and we’re both ready for a little rest, so we’re…
Aug 8 2020
Rumour has it… our strawberry tarts are best served in the sunshine with a chilled glass of Prosecco or gin 🤷🏻‍♀️ Lucky for you, it looks like this weekend might just accommodate that serving suggestion… 🥂☀️🍓 We’re open 9 – 12.30pm today, so don’t miss out!
Aug 1 2020
Another week done ✅ thank you all for your loyal custom ☺️ We’re making the most of a bit of sunshine to recharge, ready to go again next week ☀️🍺
Jul 29 2020
Mid-week treat, anyone? Freshly prepped up this morning 🤤🍩
Jul 27 2020
Imagine the horror of this cheeky chappy and his quiche coming through your letterbox… 😂 sorry to all the residents of Barnoldswick 😂🙈📬
Jul 25 2020
Prep underway for your favourite Saturday treats 🍓🍓 We’re open 9-12.30pm today – don’t miss out!
Jul 24 2020
You asked, we listened! Following requests from a few of you, we’ve got roast topside of beef on offer as a Friday treat 🥩 🤤 We’re selling this at £9.50 per lb, and once it’s gone, it’s gone!
Jul 22 2020
❗️❗️❗️ATTENTION BARLIK❗️❗️❗️ 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟 As of this Thursday I will be located on the CO-OP car park, this is due to the building work taking place on the town square! 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟 ❗️PLEASE SHARE THIS POST❗️ 🐟Lee🐟
Jul 20 2020
We’re open, fully stocked, and ready for you! 🥧 🍖🍗🧀
Jul 13 2020
Well the weather certainly wasn’t stopping you lot! ☔️ It’s definitely been a pie day – you wiped us out!! 😂 apologies to those of you who missed out on your pie fix today… you’ll have to visit us again tomorrow! 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Jul 13 2020
These Mondays come around far too quickly! We hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend ☀️ As usual, we’re here with all your favourites ☺️ don’t forget you can pre-order to make sure you don’t miss out!
Jul 10 2020
Honey, I’m home! 🍯 🙃 We’ve managed to get our hands on some honey for you lovely lot! Unfortunately we could only get 6 jars 🍯 They’re being sold at £3.99, and it’s first come, first served – so don’t miss out!
Jul 9 2020
Have you seen any familiar faces on the Barlick Talk Facebook page?! Thank you to everyone who has left kind words for us – it’s certainly brightened up this cloudy day for us! 🥰
Jun 23 2020
New today: A little Tuesday treat for you to try… finger donuts! 🍩🤤 £1.50 each – we don’t think these will last long… 👀
Jun 23 2020
Did somebody say quiche weather? 👀 🧀☀️🍖🧅
Jun 16 2020
HAPPY NATIONAL FUDGE DAY!!! Okay okay, we realise it’s only in America… BUT we don’t need an excuse to celebrate fudge in all its magnificence! Purcell’s has stuck to the same fudge recipe since it was perfected 👌🏼 and you guys seem to love it 🤤 if you haven’t tried it yet, today is definitely…
Jun 13 2020
Another week done! We can’t believe how fast these past four weeks have flown by, but we’ve loved (nearly) every second of it ☺️ we’ve contended with a broken fridge, a dodgy card machine, and a never-ending demand for quiche 😂 but it’s all been worth it. We want to thank everyone for the support…
Jun 12 2020
We’re glad to see the weather forecast showing a dry morning tomorrow after today’s washout! As usual, we’ll be open 9am – 12.30pm and on hand with the usual Saturday treats (including those strawberry tarts you all love 🤤🍓). We’re looking forward to seeing you all! 🍖 🥧 🍗 🧀 🧁
Jun 10 2020
All problems are now resolved and we can take card payments again ☺️💳
Jun 9 2020
We would like to thank our customers for being so understanding with the intermittent card payment issues today. We are hoping the problems will be resolved by opening tomorrow, but we would kindly ask that any customers have cash as a back up just in case 🙂 We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause!…
Jun 6 2020
Dan’s been doing his best to bring a bit of brightness to this dull day with some strawberry tarts!🍓 These summery tarts are in addition to our usual Saturday spongeblobs and meringues 🤤 …perfect weekend treat!
Jun 5 2020
Due to the popularity of Stanforth’s pork pies, we’re now offering the chance to order their medium / large pies, as well as long johns! Just ask us if you’re interested or want more details 🙂🥧
Jun 2 2020
Looks like the last day of sunshine for a while ☀️😢 why not make the most of it with some easy summer snack? We’ve got plenty of jars of chutneys and other goodies to complement a nice salad! Or you could grab a cooked chicken, or some quiche for a quick fix 🍗 And of…
May 28 2020
Good morning, you lovely lot ☺️ We have good news and bad news this morning… 👀 👍🏼 Good news: we’re back open 9am – 12.30pm every Saturday starting this weekend 🙌🏼 👎🏼Bad news: you’ll have to wait an extra day for your spongeblobs and meringues!! 🙈🧁 These will now be available on Saturdays only,… More
May 23 2020
We can’t help but notice a lot of people struggling to source flour in these strange times. Although it won’t be readily available on our shelves, we’ve got a supply of plain bread flour, as well as self-raising, and we’re happy to bag this up for anyone in need for £1.50 per kg 🙂 just…
May 22 2020
Well… that’s our first week of trading done 🙃 and what a week it’s been!! Dan and I would like to extend a massive thank you to EVERYONE who has been in and shown their support over this last week! We feel so lucky to have been met with such warmth and kind words! We’re…
May 18 2020
That’s our first day of trading done and dusted! 😌 Huge thank you to everyone who came in to introduce themselves and show their support – we’re definitely feeling the love! We’ll be back open again tomorrow at 9am, fully stocked and ready to feed you all! See you all soon, Dan and Corinne x