News from the Purcell's kitchen

Our door is open, the sun is shining and the olives would be a perfect choice to accompany your day!
Who had a great time at the Heritage Weekend?
Sep 6 2014
Heritage meringues for Barnoldswicks heritage weekend. don’t miss the Lancaster bombers flying over around 1240. Lots going on today in town and our shop window is full of home made goodness . We open at 9 til 1 pm today. Look forward to seeing you ….
Sep 4 2014
Patchwork Pate, also available at Purcells. We are SWORN to absolute secrecy but let’s just say that we know what’s being served at the NATO Summit Gala Dinner in Newport tomorrow evening BUT WE CANT SAY A THING
It’s Tart week on Great British Bakeoff, we make a smashing custard and an awesome ground rice tart not to mention the drool inducing quiches! Woah we really spoil you
Time for Great British Bakeoff! Who’s watching?
Sep 3 2014
Food spotting! out and about :: a stroll along london’s southbank
Sep 3 2014
How good are we in Britain at making good food? How dare anyone criticise British food? Indigestible dinners made this country great Stuart Heritage: The US ambassador to the UK, Matthew Barzun, has said that he is sick of being served lamb and potatoes. He should try our colourless tapioca and damp brussels sprouts…
Sep 1 2014
Don’t play with your food… Oh go on then Funny Food style 😀 #food #recipe #recipes #Food_style #cooking #kitchen #foodpic #yum #yummy #delicious
5 minutes until the famous Purcells opens it’s doors! Join us for our famous ham, have you tried it?
Aug 29 2014
……..or fresh cream meringues, drop scones, caramel shortcakes, chocolate brownies, vanilla slices, chocolate eclairs. What’s your excuse?!
Get that Friday feeling with a home baked treat!! How about stocking up on fudge for the weekend?
We think it’s the perfect day for pork belly so that’s our Thursday recommendation, we have lots of pickles, jams and chutneys for you in the shop too
Aug 27 2014
Uh-oh poor Iain
Tiramisu cake?! Oh my Great British Bake off you are spoiling us, who’s watching?
Guess what night it is?!
Good morning! We are back after our bank holiday break, see you in the shop soon
We are closed today and tomorrow but reopen again, bright eyed and bushy tailed on Wednesday morning with all your favourite quality meats and sweet treats
What do you do with your Bank Holiday?
Good morning! The ovens are hot and the air is filled with heavenly smells of perfect quiches
Aug 20 2014
OMG it’s Bakeoff day!!! Who is best Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry?
you’ve already missed the best part of the day!! Are you going to join us in Barnoldswick today?
You do realise that you have to get into the shop early for the best goodies? Home baked fresh food doesn’t last long, especially the belly pork!
Sunday dinner is always traditionally a special treat, is it in your house?
Hey, it’s the Saturday! Fresh cream meringues and drop scones ready at 9.
Pork pies & quiche for your lunch? Come and see us!
Hello, the shop opens in 10 minutes, have you tried our belly pork yet?
Tuesday’s top tip from Purcell’s… Buy quiche
We are based in the wonderful town of Barnoldswick and couldn’t be happier to work here, it’s always a treat when you can say hello to friends every day and feed them delicious food… of course!!
Good morning! Purcell’s is open from 9am, we are just getting the last few belly pork out of the oven, the shop smells amazing, come and smell for yourself
We are closed on Sundays but it’s a great baking day! Do you bake at home?
Friday has to mean one thing….. FUDGE! Yes, call in and pick up your treat, will it make it until weekend?
We sell delicious hand cut ham but what do you do with it? Do you have a tried and tested recipe?
Aug 6 2014
Guess what’s back on our screens this evening?? Are you excited too?
Aug 6 2014
Special for today!! Gooseberry pies, we’ve not made many so don’t leave it too long to get your Purcell’s pie fix
Do you ever indulge in a midnight snack?
We are now on twitter! Join us there, our username is @purcellsfood
Have you tried our lovely fresh baked egg custard? We think it’s a truly delicious treat but what do you think?
It’s the start of a new week tomorrow, which of our delicious homemade specials are you looking forward to this week?
Jun 30 2014
Patchwork Pate is now available at Purcell’s! Experience our incredible Free Range Chicken Liver Pâté with Chase Smoked Vodka #whatsyourfavorite?
Jun 28 2014
Have you tried our new patchwork pate? Experience our incredible Free Range Chicken Liver Pâté with Chase Smoked Vodka #whatsyourfavorite?
Jun 24 2014
Don’t forget we cook our roast chickens daily together with our sizzling belly pork. Come early as both are very popular!
Feb 23 2014
Fresh batch of brownies ready for the morning! Homemade and absolutely delicious!!
Feb 13 2014
Fudge for your Valentine! <3
Feb 2 2014
Our window will be full of goodness from 9 o’clock tomorrow morning. Home made delicacies cooked daily including roast ham and pork, hand carved as you like it. Savoury and sweet treats a plenty!
Feb 2 2014
Some of our goodies!